Why Do You Believe the Bible to Be True?

bibleSo many questions arise as to whether or not the Bible is true, reliable, and accurate or not. Some even go so far as to suggest it is a fairy tale. Others suggest the Church made it all up to maintain certain power and influence.

The Bible as Truth Without Error
From my earliest memories I was told the Bible was truth without any mixture of error. Every Sunday I was told through Bible class and sermons that every answer we need is in the Bible. Our moral and ethical code comes from Scripture. The way we make decisions comes from Scripture. Scripture was upheld almost as a fourth member of the deity. Therefore, the concept of Scripture being true was nurtured into me my whole life.
We Have Always Believed
For those who read this and resonate with my experience, I have a question for you. Do you believe the Bible to be true because of how you were raised or by your own choice and research? I love when young parents come to church regularly so their children can be raised up with spiritual formations and development. These families and kids can avoid so much when a relationship with God is natural. Faith comes easier for these. As I grew up I consistently heard that the Bible provided the answer to any question you would have. I was taught that everything in the Bible is true, historically accurate, and reliable for making a faith decision. Believing this was as natural and involuntary as breathing. No thought needed.
The Bible is a Fairy Tale
In the 80’s there was not much discussion in Bible belt America about the Bible. It seemed that most teenagers went to some church or para-church organization. There were no challenges. However, I would say that in my rebellion years it was easy to set aside something that had always been but had not ever been considered. I went to a private Christian university that never questioned this either. I went straight to Seminary and so on. I entered the ministry having never thought otherwise concerning the Bible being true. The first time I ran into someone who firmly did not believe the Bible as truth I was like the guy who brought a knife to a gunfight. My religious education, Christian education, and Seminary training all never challenged me to consider how to answer those who thought the Bible to be nothing more than a fairy tale.
I believe the Bible to be true because I have considered the options, alternatives, and tests. I have chosen to accept it as truth for myself. I can also dialogue with someone about my belief rather than spit out clichés that are old, tired, and irrelevant to our culture today. Since I have adhered to Scripture I have experiences of God’s presence and that is not easily disregarded. I firmly believe young families should raise their children in church because of the enormous value which resides with a faith decision in Christ. While teaching our children the truths of God, Scripture, morals, and life let us also teach them communication skills. As this generation is raised may they reach the world for Christ not because we told them to but because they have chosen to follow Jesus.

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