3 Things To Consider When Getting Unstuck

stuck-in-a-rut-460x304After the birthday party for my daughter, I went out to speak to my in-laws and discovered that he had become stuck in the mud.  The ground was soft after the snow had melted.  The others who dropped off their daughters and left did not have any problem.  However, he had been in that spot for almost 2 hours.  He tried to get out, but sunk deeper.  My son and I pushed on the van while he tried to get out but it didn’t work.  We tried to rock it back and forth between Drive and Reverse, but that did not work either.  I went to get my truck.  Without a chain, I hooked up a tied down strap and hoped that what little assistance it would provide would be enough to get him out of the rut that had been created.  A few seconds into that endeavor the strap broke.  I had tried all the “easy” options.  If we were going to get him unstuck and out of the rut it was going to take work.  I grabbed the shovel out of the bed of the truck and dug him out.

Easy Doesn’t Always Do It. 

Some problems are just not fixed by doing the easy, comfortable option.  We had tried several things, and you have too I am sure.  However, the rut you are in may take hard work and effort.  We often try the easy approaches first.  I don’t blame you for that because I do it also.  But when easy doesn’t do it, are you prepared for the effort needed?

This Might Get Messy.

I work at keeping a nice yard.  It is not perfectly level because of where I live, but I try to keep it nice.  Your life or organization is probably just the way you like it, until it isn’t.  Outside influences, such as weather in this instance, created a hazard.  Getting unstuck may get messy.  Digging out creates longer ruts than just being stuck.  Getting unstuck in your organization might mean tearing something up you have worked hard at in order to keep moving.  I would rather fix a piece of yard than stare at a van!  When you decide that where you are is less appealing than the possible mess created, it is time to get the shovel.

Exit Strategy

When stuck in a rut, the hump may be too big to just get over.  Removing the obstacle allows for easier exit on more level ground.  Examine the situation in which you find yourself.  Evaluate what needs to take place in order to get to the desired result.  Careful planning will allow for the change to happen with minimal damage.  I went out the next day and filled in the holes created by shoveling.  By the end of the season it will be back to normal.  If I really want to I can get roller and smooth it out to a fine finish.  The same is true for that program, relationship, or habit.  Plan a good exit strategy and take courage!

We all face ruts and getting stuck at times in life.  Some are worse than others.  However, with a little effort and planning, overcoming the hurdle is not impossible.

Jesus looked at them intently and said,  “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”

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