3 Things Everyone Needs to Know on Valentine’s Day


Outside of the principal’s office each year on this day 2 8-foot tables were set up.  As the flower and gift shops opened for business they started hauling in all manner of vases and baskets.  By lunch, these tables were overflowing.  All the people would come and get their items and then they would fill up again after lunch for those who had forgotten earlier or had acquired a date over lunch.

Saying “I like you” can get expensive.  See, there was very little love involved in shelling out massive amounts of money.  In fact, I find it rather amusing that guys are so uninvolved in the lives of those they say they love that they simply order and deliver.  I read a Facebook post of a friend of mine who was really happy with her gift because there was thought involved.  Instead of just buying “the usual”, the guy purchased items he knew she really wanted.  Here are 3 things everyone needs to know on Valentine’s Day.

Love is more than an order over the phone.  Anyone can phone in an order.  I admit, I have done this before and regretted it!  Love is about a relationship.  If I just phone in an order which involves generic items that speaks to my guilt more than my love.  Guilt due to waiting too late and now the punt plan takes over.  You send in a basket to your child because you want them to feel special.  I would propose that a well-loved child’s esteem is built each day and not on one gigantic day.

Love is about a relationship.  I would suggest that most teenage boys have no clue about this aspect.  If your purpose in life on this day is about your girl getting the biggest, best, or most expensive item then you are measuring against the wrong standard.  Your gift being bigger than your buddy’s gift is not the standard.  The depth of what you know about your love and matching that with just the right gift is the standard.  Does she giggle with glee because you have shown her that you have listened?  Does your child need a large gift to make her feel special or have you built her up with confidence of your love and support daily through relationship?

Love is not always about money.  Face it.  Guys think that if they spend enough money the love with grow.  More flowers and bigger baskets become egregious if they have to outdo last year.  I recently discovered a letter I wrote 20 years ago to my wife.  She still keeps it tucked away in a safe place.  The cost of ink and paper is irrelevant.  This has been kept because of the intangibles.  Throwing money at a relationship does not fix the problem or make her feel more loved.  Giving of your heart is what counts.

Some might say that I am not a romantic and must be a love “hater”.  This is not true.  The truth is that romance takes effort and, at times, we guys can get lazy.  When you take the time to listen, observe, and then respond life, love, and laughter will once again fill your heart and home.

Listen carefully.
Watch closely.
Respond confidently.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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