The tech market is fascinating these days.  While it may be 5 years before, if ever, we seen this little jewel it is still fun to dream.  In a growing diabetes world, Google has come up with a wireless glucose monitoring system on a contact lens!  Now when you tear up you can also know your sugar levels.  For most of us this will be far too expensive (I assume), but I applaud the thought of helping so many.  Google, as usual, was thinking outside of the box.  The technology used to make phones smaller is now being tested in this capacity.   I am not naive enough to think Google is ONLY out for the common good.  However, you have to love their effort.  What can we glean from this marvel?

Think differently.  Taking one product and using it in another way for common good is a wonderful achievement.  Thinking differently takes guts.  In a universe ruled by change, we fight it way too hard!  Those who make a difference start by thinking differently.  Re-purpose the “wheel”.  Re think the schedule.

Be helpful.  I do not argue that Google could make millions, but millions could be helped.  We have been given the tasks of loving God and loving others.  Loving others is more than crying or laughing with someone.  Why do we not make the effort for real change in people’s lives?  When we get involved in something that truly helps someone else it brings fulfillment.  Reshape a life.  Reunite a broken family.  Rebuild a home.

Invest liberally.  The amount of investment made by Google to produce the lens is undisclosed, but has to be massive!  Money, time, and personnel were liberally involved to take this from the academics to the practical.  We love to pinch our pennies and bank our extras for a “rainy-day”.  Meanwhile our culture is in a drought morally, ethically, and spiritually.  We must invest liberally to see changes.

The next big concept in loving God and loving others is in you.  Let’s figure it out together!  Ideas?

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