The Greatest Family in America?


Jonathan and Sarah were married on a hot day in June.  They honeymooned in New England and soon returned home.  Both had good jobs and there were few cares in the world.  Their families were close, but not too close.  They found a church that felt comfortable and they developed friends.  Life was good.  You could find them at church nearly every Sunday, just like when they grew up.  It wasn’t long before Sarah was pregnant and they had their first child, a daughter named Anna Sue.  She was named after both parents’ grandmothers, which just felt right.  She was precious and became the princess of the house. 

A few weeks later, they went to church and everyone was excited to see them and the baby!  It had been a few weeks since they had come.  The doctor, of course, suggested 3-4 weeks at home or until everyone was prepared for possible sickness.  Then Anna got a cold and Jonathan was worried about the two of them.  Then Sarah didn’t feel well and Jonathan took care of Anna.  Anyway, everyone was glad to be together and the church family was so happy for them.

After her maternity leave was over, Sarah went back to work and Anna went to a babysitter.  Jonathan and Sarah both worked hard and this was going to be a challenge for them.  How things used to be would now be different.  Whoever got off work first would go get Anna.  She was so happy to see them.  When everyone got home and supper was finished, they just played until both Dad and Daughter were asleep on the couch! 

“Mom wants to see Anna”, Sarah told Jonathan.

“We have a special project on work and you have that girl’s thing on Saturday right?”, Jonathan asked.

“That’s right!  We will go Sunday, it’s just one Sunday.”

Sarah’s mom had not seen Anna for a few weeks and was excited for her to arrive.  After getting up and around, they finally made it over by lunch time.  Her folks had just walked in from church when they arrived.  Lunch and the afternoon rushed by and soon they all had to go home.  Her mom expressed a desire to see Anna more. Sarah felt guilty that she had not, but work and life were busy right now.  Learning to be a mom and be at work was tough.  There just didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day…or days in the week!

Over the next few months, Jonathan and Sarah would find that life, work, health, exhaustion, and extended family would take its effect!  They got a call one day from someone in their Bible group.  There was a new study starting and a party they were having.  They replied with an obligatory “We’ll try” and marked their calendars.  They soon scratched it off because of a family event that had come up last-minute.  Besides, it was only one Sunday. 

Anna was crawling everywhere and had a new class that Sunday.  She wasn’t sure about this new person or room.  She clung to Jonathan and cried.  She did not want to go in.  Sarah felt so guilty about leaving Anna crying that she couldn’t enjoy the group.  The worker assured her that Anna was just needing more time and a few more visits and all would be well.  Between birthday parties, anniversaries, vacation, and other things, They only made it back about once or twice a month!

Good news arrived one evening in the form of a + on a stick.  They called to tell everyone the good news.  The family had a celebration that Sunday.  Family is so important.  Besides, it was just one week.  Steven James came 9 months later to the joy and pleasure of the family.  No one from church even knew because they forget to tell anyone. 

Jonathan, Sarah, Anna, and Steven are a loving, caring family.  They love God.  They believe in God.  Sunday is just so busy that it is hard to find time for church.  Anna graduates High School and Steven gets his license this year.  They are very active in school and sports.  Anna leads the cheerleaders and Steven is QB1 and the Ace pitcher.  Everyone in town would say they are a solid family with great kids.  They go to church when they can, but that is usually only a couple of times a year.  All those “just one Sundays” have added up to “most Sundays in a year”.

Jonathan and Sarah grew up in church.  They made decisions of faith in Jesus in their childhood.  Anna and Steven did not have that opportunity.  Somehow, Jonathan and Sarah just never thought about it with their kids.  Life was busy.  Work was hard.  Family was critical.  Without the regular influence of Biblical teaching and spiritual support, it is easy to lose your way.  The best family and the greatest kids still need Jesus, the Bible, and Church.

Anna and Steven are eternally hopeless because they have not heard.  They have not had the chance to be influenced toward Christ.  It all happened just one week at a time.  From birth, kids are able to learn.  What are yours learning?  What are the influences you allow?

See you Sunday?

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