Ratting Out Jesus


The worst possible thing to ever be is a snitch, it seems, depending on who you talk to about the subject.  If you are the one doing wrong then whoever tells on you is the most wretched of creatures.  If you are the one in charge needing to find the culprit then whoever provides reliable information is rewarded.  So, if you are in the know about something you have a choice to make.  To whom will you be loyal?

The people of 1st century Israel were put into a perplexing situation.  Jesus had just raised Lazarus from the dead…no really.  Check it out here.  The rulers of the time were not happy because they felt they were losing their grip on the people.  So here is what they said:

Meanwhile, the leading priests and Pharisees had publicly ordered that anyone seeing Jesus must report it immediately so they could arrest him.

In other words, the people were being forced to choose. To whom would they be loyal.  Unfortunately, one of those closest to Jesus is the one who turned Him in to the religious authorities.  Turning in Jesus.  Who would do such a thing?  You and me.  Each time we have a moral/ethical decision to make we either revere or rebel.  We either choose Jesus or turn Him in.  Our cultural jury is watching and listening carefully in order to render a verdict.  Will you stand guilty before them or before God?  Sounds awful right?  We choose God in our heads, but often man in our hearts and hands. What do we do when we must choose loyalties?  How do we go about choosing?  Here are few thoughts.

Who do you respect more?  Essentially, it is not about revere and rebel, though it makes for a great question!  It comes down to respect.  Do you respect your peers more than God?  Do you respect the common man more than God?  Who, when looking at the larger picture, garners more respect?  Often we choose the one we respect more?  Take a look at your history.  Who have you chosen?

Think long-term.  We often choose based on short-term.  We want people to like us now.  We want benefits now.  We want prestige now.  We want chances now.  When we choose based on short-term we get short-term results.  Public opinion is like fashion…trendy.  When you choose to adhere to the court of public opinion you will never find joy.  Just about the time you settle in it changes.  What kind of person do you want to be known as later?  Start today.

Study the matter.  Impulse decisions will wreck your life!  You drank too much and crashed your car.  You had to have that new _______.  Now you’re in debt beyond your ability to pay.   Take time to study the matter.  In encourage you to go old school:  pros/cons and scripture.  Engaging your logic and your faith makes for  a better decision.

Choosing wisely is a result of a careful and thoughtful process.  We are faced with decisions of loyalty everyday.  With each one you are either standing with, or serving up, Jesus.  Which will you be doing today?

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