Making All Things New


As the New Year approaches, I am certain we are all deciding on what our New Year’s Resolutions will be.  Here are the top ten resolutions from 2013.

10.  Finish the to-do list around the house.
9.  Read more.
8.  Get organized.
7.  Save money.
6.  Volunteer.
5.  Better life/work balance.
4.  Quit smoking.
3.  Learn something new.
2.  Drink less.
1.  Eat healthy and exercise regularly.

The interesting part comes when you read the statistics on how long people follow these resolutions.  In short, 35% break them by January’s end and 77% are broken somewhere in the year.  After 18 years of ministry, I have broken my share of them too.  I wonder if it is because, according to the list above, only 1 of 10 have to do with someone else.  It seems that resolutions are a lot of self-talk and we apparently are not convinced enough!

What if there was something you could resolve to do that you would actually do?  We must look within ourselves and resolve to do that which we have been designed to do: Love God and Love Others. The following is a list for you to review.

  • Dialogue more with God.
  • Serve more in the church.
  • Tithe more.
  • Invite people to your home.
  • Invest in a new relationship the centers more on them than yourself.
  • Rob yourself to help others, instead of robbing others to help yourself.
  • Accept Responsibility more and blame others less.
  • Be more appreciative and thankful.
  • Give more thoughtful gifts rather than more expensive ones.

As the ball drops and you kiss the closest one to you, God is making things new again.  He is making a new day, a new month, and a new year.  Why not consider letting Him make a new you as well?


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