O Little Town Of Bethlehem You Are Worth More Than You Know

O little town of Bethlehem

As we gather together on this Christmas Eve and into Christmas Day, I am reminded of the journey the young couple took back to their home town.  So often families travel back to their hometowns and college kids, fresh from the urban life, return home to the place they only dreamed of leaving.  So many times, bad memories or rough situations await us during this time of year that attempts to steal our joy.  How did Bethlehem feel?  That insignificant dusty little suburb of Jerusalem held little relevance.

How many of us feel like that today?  But you, like Bethlehem, are just the right spot for God to do miracles!

Bethlehem may be small at this moment in Scripture, but she has a rich history.  That history was just what God wanted.

  • Through Rachel BIRTH & DEATH are associated with Bethlehem.
  • Through Ruth REDEMPTION is associated with Bethlehem.
  • Through David the ANOINTING OF A KING is associated with Bethlehem.
  • Through Micah the MESSIAH is associated with Bethlehem.

Now God’s greatest gift, the Messiah, was going to be brought into the world IN Bethlehem!  Everyone else might overlook her, but God did not.  You may feel people overlook you.  You may feel you have no value.  You might believe you are of little use.  However, God is preparing you for a larger work that you could ever imagine.  You have more value than you know.  You are completely relevant and important to God’s plan right now.  During a time when suicides are the highest, let us remind people that Bethlehem was considered useless except in the mind of God.  Your family issues are not to be discounted.  Your educational, spiritual, and cultural realities are all a part of the way God wants to place you into His grand plan.

Bethlehem would usher in a new age that would change the world.  What if your life right now is just the moment God chooses to change the world.  Are you ready?  Will you accept your lot in life?  If God can use a dusty dirty town that housed the low life shepherds to house his baby, then he certainly can use your life.  Keep your chin up, your mind alert, and your heart soft.  Watch what God can do!

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