Tweetable Prayers

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We have all been there. In fact it is probably happening right now. You are perusing Facebook and Twitter and then it happens. Someone needs prayer. On my own timeline in the last day or so there were many needs for prayer.

  • A child is sick.
  • A mom has cancer.
  • A dad is having surgery.
  • Kids are having tests.
  • There is a need for moisture/no more frozen moisture.
  • A disaster just happened.

The typical response is “praying”. I have typed it just like you. But do we? Are we really? I have not always and neither have you most likely. Do we just put that because of social media peer pressure? What if you don’t put it and someone asks you about it? Do you not care? Do you not understand the need? So we put it out there. However, are we putting out false hope by typing “praying” but not actually engaging God? Certainly some of you do pray. I just wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just type a prayer…a tweetable prayer. What if there were 160 character prayers that could be helpful? Never fear, here you go.

Sickness – “God please bring your healing hand to this situation. Give wisdom and ability to the Drs and nurses. Give us assurance of your Spirit. Amen.”

Cancer – “God bring pain relief. Give a desire to fight and to eat. Give patience to the family and healing in the body. Build our faith in you. Amen.”

Surgery – “As this surgery approaches, steady the hands and strengthen the mind of the Drs. Give your assurance, presence and peace to the family. Amen”

Weather – “You made the stars and sky. You hold the world in Your hands. As it turns Your breath is the wind.  See our need and meet it please. Amen.”

General – “May the Lord bless and protect you. May He smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace. Amen”

Instead of typing “praying”, let us pray!

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