Driving School Steps 6-10


Here are the rest of the steps to Driving School for the Royal Ambassadors (Boys 1st-6th Grade) pinewood derby.  The ability to draw out the vision, sanding, and painting are good and useful things to know.  The following is something I have developed to give as  devotions to the boys after each part of the process.

6.  Paint and Stripe (1 Corinthians 12) – At this point all the cars look very similar since the primer we used was the same for all the cars.  The fun begins here because the boys choose the color and definition for their car.  By the time we get done, no two cars look-alike but they are all in the same group.  Your life and the church is just like that car.  You have unique talents and abilities given to you by God.  These are used in and through the local church.  Every person in the body of Christ is different but in the same group.  Paul addresses this idea in the chapter referenced.  There are many members but one body.  Be proud of your paint and stripes, but remember, you are still part of a group!

7.  Clear Coat (1 Thessalonians 5:11) – The cars have been cut, sanded, primed, and painted.  At this point we introduce the clear coat to the boys.  This is a final touch before the wheels go on.  The clear coat provides an extra layer of protection and a glossy finish.  When the light hits these cars they shine like crazy.  Adding the clear coat is not required but highly encouraged.  Putting ourselves in a position to encourage and be encouraged to make right decisions at the right times and for the right reasons is a sign of maturity.  As we encourage one another and build each other up we help one another shine in the light of Jesus for all the World to see.

8.  Wheels (Matthew 28:18-20) – The boys can hardly contain themselves at this point.  Putting on the wheels is the final step in building a car.  With the wheels we are able to put the cars into motion.  The boys need to handle the car carefully because of alignment issues that can cause the car to wreck, or jump into another lane harming another car.  We are charged to make disciples of the nations.  We are put into motion by the wheels of the Great Commission.  Let us go, handling the Gospel carefully in order to keep moving at a rapid pace!

9.  Race (Hebrews 12:1-2) – Race day is a fun and exciting time for all involved.  Before each race we make sure the wheels have enough graphite to keep the friction to a minimum and increase speed.  Our lives need to maintained before each day so that we can run the race set out for us by God.  Putting on graphite is spending time in prayer, confession, and Bible reading to aid in laying aside the sin in our lives.

10.  Win (Acts 8:26-40) – Wins come at different stages depending on the boy.  Some boys win because they completed their car.  Some boys win because they competed in a race.  Some boys win because the timer said they did.  All the boys win because of the joy and value of fellowship, friendship, and fun being joined into the process.  Our win as Christians is helping someone else place their faith and trust into Jesus as their solution to sin and eternity.


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