The Catalyst


I will never forget the day the sweater went up in smoke!  The group on the other side of the table had a girl who wore a real fuzzy sweater one day into lab.  We did not have lab coats on at that time and were setting everything up for the experiment of the day.  We set out our beakers, Bunsen burners, and the rest of the items needed.  After we set it all up it was time to turn on the Bunsen burner.  This is used as our catalyst.  More often than not, the chemical reactions we worked with used heat to produce an action.  That producing agent causing an action and reaction is called a catalyst.  We usually used a flint to start the burners.  Unfortunately for this girl she didn’t factor in the fuzzi-ness and that sweater went up in smoke!  Her face was so red, but not from being burned or rage!

That day, the catalyst did its job and caused an action by burning the sweater and embarrassing the girl.  Later, that same catalyst would cause other actions in the experimental process.  The point is that a catalyst kick-started the process.  When we begin to read Colossians, we find that Paul is very excited to see what is taking place in Colossae.  The first few verses reveal the path to the catalyst.  Follow the path with me.

  1. Paul is praying and thanks God for them because he has heard of their faith and love for the saints.
  2. The people have this faith and unifying love because of a hope they have in Heaven.
  3. This hope comes from the reception of the Gospel in their lives.
  4. The Gospel was presented to them by Epaphras.

Because of one person being a catalyst, an entire region is becoming known for their faith and love.  It just takes one to make a huge difference.  Will you be that spark where you find yourself today??

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