Living the Dream (Turbo Movie Review)

Turbo-movie-logoMy family loves to see movies together.  My wife and I began this tradition years ago in our Seminary days.  We both had Tuesday’s off and would go see the $.50 movies all day together!  We rarely see a movie in the first run these days as prices have skyrocketed and we became spoiled with paying low prices.  Recent years find us in the dollar movie theaters in our area.  Such was the case with this movie.  You can find Plugged In’s Review for a storyline.  I want to share my thoughts on this movie with you because I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  Here are a few talking points you can have as a result of this movie.

Dream Big.  Theo (Turbo) is a garden snail who wants to be faster.  He wants more than what he has.  Chet, his brother, constantly tries to pull him back to reality by reminding him that he is just a garden snail.  Our kids today need to dream big.  We are too quick to put them in a box and seal the lid on their future.  We need to help them see their full potential.  We serve a big God who has big dreams for us.  Why not dream with Him?  Tito also had bigger dreams for the taco wagon.  He saw things differently and wanted to make it big.  His brother also had fallen into the trap of low expectations.  We need to be driving the next generation to be bigger and better because they have the ability within them if we free them to be who they are and not who we want them to be.

Get outside help.  Both Turbo and Tito needed outside help to achieve the dreams they had.  Turbo, at a low point in his life, was thrust into a position where he was going to be miraculously transformed by being dipped in Nitrous Oxide.  Tito, in a similar position, receives help from Turbo and together they realize their dreams!  This is a great topic to express the Gospel message.  Share with your friends about How the God of the universe has huge plans for them today.  Explain how they can have a transformed life by the power and activity of Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit inside them spiritually.  While Turbo’s power finally ended, God’s never will.

Live the Dream.  When Turbo and Tito came together they were able to achieve greater things and their dreams.  When Christians partner with God and each other (Church), they complement their gifts and abilities so that together they can achieve far more than they could have alone.  The New Testament is filled with this idea!  We were designed for a relationship with God and with other believers.  We were designed to work together to realize the dream of reaching this world for Christ.  A task, like a snail racing in the Indy 500, that seems impossible and ridiculous at times.  However,  the dream can be realized!

Bask in the glory.  With each portion of the storyline, the characters faced opposition and triumph.  They always were sad together and rejoiced together.  In the end they basked in the joy and glory of triumph.  One day, we too, will bask in the glory of triumph.  Though we face opposition and heartache today, we have moments of triumph even now.  One day, like Turbo and Tito winning the race and causing a brighter future for themselves, we will have the brightest future.

Each of us have God-given talents, abilities, and ambition.  We want more.  We work for more.  However, it is only through faith in Jesus Chris that we have a hope of achievement.  Allow God to transform your life and watch miracles happen right before your eyes.

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