Seeing Eye to Eye


I recently went to a new optometrist.  My prescription was out and I as dangerously close to no more contacts!  We do the dance of medical history and other forms before I am ushered for the “pre-exam” exam.  After I recite the letters that are on the wall, I wait for the doctor.  She comes in and we begin the exam involving the 1 or 2, 1 or 2, 1 or 2, 1 or 2.  When we are done she explains that my eyes have a different prescription, which I already knew.  For the sake of economy, however, she told me that my eyes were close enough I could use the same prescription on both eyes.

Though there were differences, unity was possible.  The same is true in our families, jobs, and churches.  There might be many differences, when we focus on the similarities we find unity.  This unity is what bonds us together in the good times and holds us together through the bad.

Unity was not forcing my eyes to be the same.  Unity was established through an outside source placed over my eyes.  In our organizations we often think unity means that everyone must be conformed to some internal standard.  This actually creates frustration.  We are different.  God created differences for a reason.  Unity is established when we focus on Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to overlay our groups like the contacts.  I use the same strength in both and, though different, I see just fine.

My eyes see 20/20.  Even though the strength in one eye is a little less than the machine said I needed, God created our eyes to be dynamic.  So, they adjust themselves to the contact and I see just fine.  Your organization will have greater vision, dynamic vision, if we will allow the Spirit to do His work.  God created us to be dynamic.  We can adjust.  In fact, we will adjust naturally.  Our vision will become clear as individuals and as a group because we will be conforming to the external device of God.

I am glad the doctor had done the research and understood this opportunity.  I am able to buy contacts in bulk because it does not matter which eye it is.  I am saving money, seeing better, and staying happy.  When we do the same with God’s Spirit that will be true for you and your organization as well.

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