From Vampires to Victory


The last few physicals I have had involved blood tests.  It seems that everything a doctor wants to know can now be discovered through blood tests.  There was a time, though I am not complaining today, that the doctor examined you.  I mean, he EXAMINED you!  Of course, my annual check-up still includes a cough moment and other unpleasant moments, however the time with the doctor has decreased significantly due to blood tests.  We go through the usual greetings and overview of diet, exercise, sleep habits, and stress loads.  Then I go to the vampires and give a pint, or more, of blood so that various tests can be performed.  In 2-4 weeks I receive paperwork from the doctor with the results and possible follow-up visits.

Everything they need to know is found by a blood test.

Our community often has blood drives.  My family has given gallons over the years!  Every time someone donates blood it goes to a blood bank until it is needed in some critical moment.  Usually this only takes a few minutes of your day.  You go to the location, or bus, and step inside.  They will have you lie down and get your arm strapped.  The needle is a larger gauge to help facilitate this process in a timely fashion.  After 5-10 minutes you will be given a cotton ball, bandage, and a cookie.  You can leave knowing that you have possibly saved a life.

Giving Blood can save a life.

While I was signing all the forms for my last surgery, I recall signing the transfusion document.  In the event of major blood loss, I was signing off that I would take the blood of someone else (transfusion) into my body as a replacement for mine that was lost.  As I sat there, I considered that someone took the time to give blood and now that blood could possibly save my life.  Someone went to a blood drive and gave blood.  Someone worked to process and store it.  Now, the doctor was prepared to pull from his storage of blood to provide for my needs.  I signed the document and considered the following:

Am I going to Heaven when I die? If Jesus came back right now, am I ready?  These questions can be answered by a simple blood test.  You see, each of us are in a predicament that we alone cannot fix.  Our spiritual blood is bad and we need a transfusion.  God has stored up all the blood necessary through the death of Jesus Christ, His Son.  When Jesus died, was buried, and rose to life on the third day the provision has been made for victory.  What we learn from the vampires in the lab we find in victory through Jesus Christ.  Have you been cleansed with the blood of Christ?  He sacrificed so that you could have life.  Will you refuse it?  Many do.  What will you do?


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