For years, I would periodically dump out my dresser drawers and put everything back in its place.  Since everything had a place it was best if it all was right where it was supposed to be.

I have friends who have difficulty going through lunch lines because they do not want their food to touch.  In fact, they do not want to discuss that it does touch in digestion.

We have been taught by our culture that every part of our lives should be kept separate from the others, like this pigeon-hole structure.  In the same way we think our clothes have special places and our food should not touch, we want the different areas of our lives not to touch, or overlap.  We compartmentalize.  We have our God time (church, prayer, Bible reading, etc), work time, family time, leisure time, personal time.  Often we treat these times as if they were pigeons in holes.  We take one out at a time and play with it them choose another.  We would not dare take two out a time because that could get messy and chaotic.  We want control.  We demand it.  So we pigeonhole everything in our lives.

Here is the problem.  Our lives were designed differently.  Each of us have a life-center.  Whatever, or whomever, resides in the center controls the whole.  While we struggle to segregate, God has designed us to integrate.  There is but one position in the life-center.  All decisions, behaviors, and emotions are filtered through this center.  What, or who, is at your center?

Is it money?
Is it family?
Is it children?
Is it self?
Is it pride?
Is it community?
Is it church?Is it morality?

What we truly need is something at our center that will never fail, stumble, or leave.  Only God fits that description.  All of your life is already filtering through the center.  You make decisions based on your center.  You behave according to your center.  You react to pressure or pain based on your center.  Because you were divinely designed to worship, we worship what is at out center.  Whatever you have at the center of your life right now is what gives you identity, significance, and purpose.

Stop trying to make a list.  You only need one thing.  What will you choose?


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