Moment of Silence


There is a Hebrew word used 71 times in Psalms: Selah.  This words means to pause, be silent, and take note.  What should we do during a moment of silence?

1.  Thank God.  Often, the reason behind taking a moment of silence is due to a great loss.  I believe we should thank God that we are still breathing.  Thank God we still have opportunities in this life.  As you begin a moment silence, consider thanking the One who gives you the breath your breathe.


2.  Mourn.  Reflecting on the loss faced by others is more than just feeling sorry for them.  We should feel pain with them.  What if your parent or child had been involved?  What if your spouse died in this moment?  How would you feel?  Feel deeply and empathize to the best of your ability during these times of silence.  Understand, you do not have to go to extremes.  I tend to be stoic while other over-dramatize the situation.  Feel.  Emote.  Have pathos.


3.  Consider.  We need to take time during these moments to consider what we have learned.  Be open to the lesson set forth.  Be objective.  What have you learned since the event for which you are taking a moment of silence?  Have we learned anything?  Are we behaving any differently now as a result?  Have we made changes?


4.  Plan.  As we come to a conclusion of this moment of silence, plan how you will live tomorrow.  How does what you know and have learned going to affect your life?  Does it affect your life?


The point of taking a pause is not just to be patriotic or politically correct.  If taking a moment of silence is just appease certain groups then we have lost touch.  If taking a moment of silence is just to get out of work for a while then we have missed the point altogether.  We should take a pause in order to be gracious, gather our thoughts, and garner a better future empowered with the knowledge and wisdom gained over the course of time.


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