The Splatter Effect (Thoughts About the Syrian Civil War)

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I was standing there sort of minding my own business when I was splattered with water. The target was close by, but not me. Why did I get wet? The splatter effect happened. The oncoming water balloon was on target. It hit the target. However, the collateral damage got me wet too. I didn’t want to get wet. I had “not wet” clothes on but that did not matter. The one throwing the balloon wasn’t aiming at me so they felt exonerated. They hit the target correctly. That didn’t help me much at the time.

Syria has been in a civil war for 2 years. There have been uprisings and marches. There have been captures and chemical weapons. Our national leadership is currently discussing/debating whether or not to get involved. Here is an excerpt from a longer article:

This means that if the U.S. took any kind of military action in Syria, the Syrian government might retaliate with strikes against Israel, which could then propel the entire region into a much larger Middle Eastern conflict, potentially even drawing Iran into action.

In other words, to quote Michael Corleone “Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in”. The splatter effect happens. We could target Syria. We could hit Syria. However, if and when this is chosen there will be collateral damage. Israel gets hit. We retaliate. Iran gets in the game. Then others start pulling up there proverbial chairs to the table. We continually seek to bring about peace in an area of the world that is destined to never have peace according to Genesis 21 and following. The boys fought early. The boys fought over land and their descendents still fight today. There will never be peace until Jesus returns.

Should we get involved? This is the volatile decision at hand, isn’t it? Israel is an ally and we feel burdened to protect her. Yet, this war is in Syria. Some feel there is a human interest perspective since so many have died at the hands of the current regime. At what cost should we intervene? Have we learned nothing from the last 20 years? We are not equipped to fight the kind of war this region is prepared to fight. We do not strap bombs on children. We follow a code and convention unrecognized by parts of this world. Are we ready for the splatter effect?

Let’s learn a lesson from history. King David was out on his balcony one evening when he should have been at war. He looked at Bathsheba and desired her for his own. When he could not cover up the incident, he murdered her husband. Later, the child dies and the family is in turmoil. Lastly, another child from this union becomes King over another who felt they were the rightful heir. That one action caused a splatter effect of problems onto so many. David never intended for that to happen but it did and he was made to be accountable for that action.

  • 1 out of 6 children in America go hungry everyday.
  • Our debt is skyrocketing in part because of war-time expenditures.
  • The president has pledged to get out of this type of war and now here we are again.
  • Why fight an un-winnable war….again?

I believe in helping people. I do it everyday. However, there are situations that cannot be helped. We live in a fallen world that is rapidly spiraling out of control. We cannot fix every problem brought to our attention. Domestic policy and needs should triumph foreign policy needs in priority. In the same way, we are told to put the air mask on ourselves before helping someone else as the plane is going down. Why? Because who can you help if you already died? Our country is at the threshold of civil war over a variety of issues.

Why not stop the war at home before jumping into one on the other side of the world?

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