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I love going to the movies! One reason is the popcorn. One theater we go to allows you to apply your own butter. By the end of the bucket I am a sloppy, salty mess but love it. The fresh popped kernels are hot and fluffy. In fact, with the right mixture of butter and salt even stale ones can be made to taste good. However, if I ordered a bucket and got mostly kernels I would feel robbed!

Here is what popcorn teaches me.

 1. We all start as kernels. Every bucket of popcorn started out as kernels. Kernels are not what we want. We want the changed product. Kernels are what we throw away. Some people at them, but they are weird and destined for hours of dental care.

2. Kernels need a catalyst to bring out the best. Like I mentioned, popped corn is what I like to eat. In order to get to that point I have to add a catalyst. For kernels if is heat. How do you pop your corn?

  1. Stovetop
  2. Microwave
  3. Air Popper

Regardless of how you pop it, the catalyst is the same: heat. God has designed us all for His joy. He loves us as kernels but popcorn brings Him joy! Jesus Christ is the catalyst we need to pop. Without Christ we do not change. Just like heat is the only way a kernel pops, Christ is the only way we change to become a joy to the heart of God.

3. If you have examined a kernel and a popped piece you will conclude that once it pops it never goes back. The change that takes place is permanent. Traces of the kernel remain because I floss those out regularly!! However, that does mean I could apply enough pressure to get it to go back to its original state. Neither can you once you place faith in Jesus Christ. You are forever changed and now bring glory and joy to God.

4. You , like popcorn, have many uses. The obvious one is to be eaten. However, popcorn can also be used as garland, decoration, art, and even packing material. All of these uses bring joy to the heart. No matter how you are being used by God it is bringing Him joy.

5. Not every kernel gets popped. All kernels are placed in the presence of the catalyst but not all pop. Those kernels are thrown away. Unfortunately, the same is true in life. Not every person will place faith in Jesus and be popped. Those who do not remain as they were born. When God chooses to end time, it is like a worker taking an order for a bucket of popcorn. He scoops up and fills the bucket. The popcorn gets eaten and the kernels get trashed. In other words, if your popped you go with God. If you are not you don’t.

The question for us today is whether we have been popped or not. If you are popped, you have placed faith in only Jesus and turned your life over to Him. Boss.

Are you popped? Are you still a kernel?

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