Trivial Pursuit



Over the years, I have pursued many things. Haven’t you?

  • As a child I pursued longer skids on my bike and how long I could hold my breath.
  • As I got a little older I pursued Jenny down the street.
  • As a youth, I sought friends in whatever way it took. I pursued girls relentlessly. I worked to earn money to spend on those pursuits.
  • In college, I pursued grades and girls and money for the latter.

Later I pursued God and it helped me put everything into perspective! I had placed faith in Jesus at 8 but had not developed that relationship. For that reason, I had many trivial pursuits. Bike skids left scars on my knees. Girls brought drama. Seeking friends at all costs really costs you more than you can pay. Grades were good but did not satisfy and money came and went. However, God made all the difference.

On this pursuit of God I ran across a verse I had not noticed before.

So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding. (Romans 14:19 ESV)

In the midst of our many and various issues and differences God wants us to pursue peace. Jesus would preach that the peacemaker was blessed. Either way, we are to be active in the pursuit of peace. Do not be mistaken. Pursing peace is not about tolerance of immoral and unbiblical behaviors as our culture presents. Paul is writing to the church. Those who are followers of Jesus are to pursue peace among ourselves. The ramifications of chaos in the church body is irrelevance in the community.

We are to also pursue the development of each other. We are to help one another deepen our relationship with God and increase our love for humanity. Sound familiar? Jesus said those two things were the two greatest commandments. It is no wonder Paul writes that we are to help one another do that better.

Don’t waste your life pursuing what cannot satisfy. Pursue God.

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