The Devil Doesn’t Care About You


I was at a youth camp as a kid when the “trust falls” were starting to be used often. You remember those? There were several variations:

  •  The group would make two lines and lock arms across the gap between. The idea was that one “chosen” person would step up on a stump or ledge fairly high and turn their back to the group. After crossing their arms across the chest a deep breath was taken. On the count of 3 they would stiffen and fall back. The group was supposed to catch you.
  •  The gentler version was to simply have them stand on the same level and fall back into the arms of the group.
  •  The kiddie version was to blindfold them and take them on a walk using only the voice.

These three activities all have the same theme: trust. You trusted the group/person to take care of you.  What if they didn’t? What if they didn’t care? What if they just let the person fall? Serious injury to occur!  So often, I hear people talk about how the devil was out to get them. Of course, 1 Peter 5:8 is quoted.

The devil is a prowling lion seeking whom he may devour.

That is true. He is. Satan wants to devour. He is roaming the Earth hungry and looking for prey. How many of you think that is you? Of course you do. I did for a long time. The stresses of life are huge!

  • when salaries get cut
  • relationships stumble
  • health issues rise
  • miscarriages
  • misconduct
  • addictions
  • obsessions

All of these make us think that Satan is after us. We bow up and get courageous and say “It’s on like Donkey Kong Satan!”.

Here’s the problem: he doesn’t care about you. Please pause and consider that for a second. Satan does not care about you. He is not concerned with you to the degree you believe. He is not after you. He does not stroll through the deserts of Hell thinking up means of getting you.  You know what he wants?  You want to know why you face stress?  You want to know why temptations come in person and virtually?  You want to know why the cold one becomes 12?

Because he wants your kids. It is not about the job, the money, or the marriage. It is not the addictions, obsessions, and passions. Stop focusing on getting better for you.

Make the necessary adjustments because it is for your kids.

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