Party Cloudy with a Chance of Grace


My kids had ball practice yesterday and it was 75 degrees and sunny. We have prayed for the season to start.  The evenings of ball games and sunflower seeds are quickly approaching and I love this time of year.  Coming out of the winter slump, the ability to stretch our legs and throw a ball is enjoyed by many.

Today it is 37 degrees and raining.  We have been in a drought…a severe drought.  Churches all over the state have prayed for rain.  The last couple of weeks have provided much-needed moisture but with a freeze warning now in place it is just crazy!  Spring started a month ago!

What’s the problem?  We have prayed for two things to happen.  We just didn’t want them to happen at the same time!  How often does that happen to you?  You have prayed for two things that really do not coexist well and God grants both? God challenges us sometimes with choices.  The wants and needs of our lives can counteract one another.  You pray for more money and a better relationship with your family.  Now a job offer comes but it is out-of-town or travels a lot.  You have prayed for your marriage to strengthen and for your business to flourish.  You have been praying about a relationship and college.  You get answers to both but they are not in same state?  You pray about personal holiness and a job promotion.  The money is awesome but comes with ethical strings.  What happens if you must choose one?  How will you choose?

How do we choose between wants and needs?  How often do we simply try to have it all?  Just like we can’t have rain and baseball together you cannot have your cake and eat it also.  There are choices we must make everyday.  God promises us our needs will be met, not our wants.  It is on us to choose carefully at times what to praise God for what to be frustrated with God for in our prayers.  Here is what you do:

  • Take a breath.
  • Review what is important.
  • Read scripture.
  • Ask God.
  • Choose the need to praise God for today.
  • Ask for grace about the want.

You never know, the sun may break through just in time and God allows both.  You’ll never know until we humble ourselves in the sight of God. Life may be partly cloudy but there is always a chance for grace!


Humble yourselves before the Lord and he will exalt you.  James 4:10


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