Is Hope Dead?


Is hope a simple-minded myth?

In just a 24 hour period I experienced an earthquake, read the news about the Boston bombings, talked with someone whose parent is dying and discovered another marriage crumbling.  How do we cope?  How do we handle the stress?  To whom do we turn?  Too often we turn to the couch of a physician, the doctor’s office for pills, the bed of another, or the bottle to ease the pain.  Why wouldn’t we?  Someone planted bombs in a marathon to maim and destroy the lives of hundreds, if not thousands.  The one who has nurtured you your whole life lies in a bed waiting, and possibly planning, on dying.  The marriage that outwardly seems to be so wonderful is rotting from within.  It is no wonder that we pop pills and drink ourselves to that uncaring oblivion.  We must find a way to ease this pain we feel.  We are determined to replace pain with pleasure, hurt with happiness.

Why hope?  It seems to do no good.

I would expect many to feel this way who have never tasted the goodness of God or have been hurt by those who represent God.  Trust and hope are tied together in a neat little package that some wish were separated.  How can I hope for something where there is no trust?  How can I hope the bombings and killings will stop without trust in the government’s ability to handle or control this situation?  How can I hope for healing when I cannot trust that God will do what I want?  How can there be hope in a marriage where trust left years ago?  Hope is fleeting.  Hope is failing.  Hope is futile and for the simple-minded.  We realists live above this unnecessary emotion right?  Logic wins in that world, but love loses.

We hope because it raises our vision from today to tomorrow.  We hope because the pain of the past is replaced with a promise of a preferred future.  We hope because down deep we still know that God is bigger than us.  God has our best interests in mind even though our feelings claim fault.  We hope because that is all we have.  Hope brings warmth.  Hope brings vision.  Hope raises the spirit.  Though all else seems to fail, believe there is hope.

Believe.  Hope.  Pray.  Live.

1 Jonah prayed to the Lord his God from inside the fish: 2 I called to the Lord in my distress,and He answered me. (Jonah 2)


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  1. When my son was recovering from his auto accident and showing signs that he would be paralyzed from the waist down, I had so many people tell me that they just knew that he would walk again. God never gave me that assurance, but he always gave me hope. As Brian made progress in his rehabilitation I only had hope for the next accomplishment and adjustment to life for him in a wheelchair and all that entails. At that point in time, would I have foreseen that God would bless Brian with a college education, a marriage, 2 sons, a good job, and home, but that he would do all this in a wheelchair? Not at the time, but God gave me hope as we went along in this journey. Just enough for the day and the next day and so on. That hope is what gets you up and out of bed every morning. There will be set backs, but with our faith in God, and our loving savior’s sacrifice for us, we keep going every day.

    When my husband was out in California waiting on a transplant, I was hoping every day that we would get the call that they had the organs that he needed. He wasn’t doing very well at all when the call finally came that they would do the transplant. He had the transplant and we hoped he would get to do many things that he hadn’t been able to do in a long time. He wanted to sing, that didn’t happen, he wanted to go back to work and continue earning our living, that didn’t happen. We had 6 plus more years, but many trials along the way. Our hope at the last of his life was not what would happen here on earth, but what he would experience when he went on to heaven. So, I know what hope is in some of the major experiences in life, not just I hope I get a pretty dress, or hope I get to go somewhere nice. God gives us that hope and I am so blessed that he gives it to me everyday. PTL

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