Hobbit Christianity


I recently finished reading The Hobbit. One of the recurring themes is that Bilbo Baggins constantly desired to be home.  He was genetically wired for this adventure but was nurtured by comfort to be a homebody. The Took side of his family tree was adventurous. The Baggins side desired to be at the Shire in his hole enjoying the comforts of a homebody life. When Gandalf and the dwarves came to his home to invite him on the terribly wonderful adventure he was suspect. His life had been such for so many years that the routine was the rule. However, something deep within made him go. While on the journey the reader finds Bilbo often wishing to be back home in the comfort and luxury found there. However, I suspect he would not trade the adventure really.

The adventures God calls us too in life may not always be pleasant but why would we ever trade them? Every time God calls us to an adventure we have a decision to make. Will the choice be Baggins or Took? Will we choose to remain in our cultural comforts or step out into the unknown for the adventure from which legends are made? This is the most basic of choices: flesh or spirit, me or God. We face this choice nearly everyday on little things. God does come at times and sit down with us and share the mystique of a new adventure. I implore you to listen. I beg you to relax your private rigidity and seriously consider to what God is calling you.

Love the Baggins. Live the Took. This is the adventure of a lifetime. It is one you will not regret, but will be tempted to reject. Take hold. Run fast. Live the life God intended.

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