Mirror Mirror


Mirror, Mirror, on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?

Who doesn’t remember that line?  The Queen always wanted the mirror to reveal her as the fairest of them all.  However, the reflection was not her own but of Snow White.  Self-image and self-esteem are often defined, unfortunately, by what we see in the mirror.  The best looking can see someone who is fat and ugly.  The ugliest can see beauty.  There are dangers in not seeing reality for what it is in any case.  It is important that we see the proper reflection…our true self.  God has created you in a particular way.  Obviously, the way we treat this gift from God can alter the perfection that God intended.  That is not the discussion today.  In this post, I would like for us to look at who God has recreated us to be.  At our birth we are innocent before God.  We have been “made in His own image” in that our Spirit is at peace with God.  When moral accountability begins so does spiritual accountability.  Sin twists, bends, and disfigures.  Because of this we are no longer suitable to be in God’s presence at death.

There is hope!  Knowing our condition, God sent Jesus.  He did what we could not so that we could be changed.  At the moment of faith, we are made right before God again.  In this right standing we must give honor to the one who did the work.  We did not do anything but Christ did everything.  God looked upon the perfection of His Son coupled with our belief and we are made right.  The apostle Paul would comment in a letter that it was no longer Paul that lived, but Christ that lived within. So when you look in the mirror, we should be reflecting Jesus.  Look beyond, the wrinkles and scars.  Look past the blemishes.  Let Jesus shine through for your benefit and for the benefit of others.

In Hebrews chapter 1 we see the idea that Jesus Christ is the perfect reflection of His father God.  The Son reflects God’s own glory and everything about Him represents God exactly.  If it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives within me, then I should be reflecting Jesus who is the perfect reflection of His Father.

Am I?  Am I really reflecting God?  If I were to ask those around would they be in agreement?  The Mirror wasn’t for the Queen.  What would the mirror of your friends and co-workers reveal?  If you don’t like the answer you believe you would get here are a few tips to help you along:

Choose.  Jesus had to choose what He would follow.  Jesus had to choose His responses.  These decisions are not always easy but are worthwhile.

Communicate.  Jesus stayed in communication with God.  He knew what was desired.  He knew the plan because of the communication that was maintained.  Reading scripture and talking with God are more than tic marks on your daily journey.  They are the lines of communication needed to receive up-to-the-minute notifications.

Capitalize.  Let one victory become the next one.  You cannot eat an elephant more than one bite at a time.  Set small goals that lead to medium goals that lead to larger goals.  You want to win the championship, but today’s game comes first.

Calibrate.  I was always told to make small corrections before making dramatic corrections.  If, at the end of the day, you notice something out of whack then make small corrections to get back in alignment.

Have a great day!!

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