A New Beginning

Courage sometimes skips a generation, thank you for bringing it back to the family.
–Charlotte Phelan, The Help

What Charlotte could not do, her daughter did.  She stood up for what is right.  Though it would cost her socially, Skeeter acted.  Because of her actions, there would be a new beginning for many.  What have you done lately that brings a new beginning for others?  How have your actions brought positive change to someone?

How can I help someone?  How do I bring about positive change?

  • Love them.  Love them without hypocrisy.  Love them to their face and love them behind their back when you speak about them to others.
  • Raise their value in the eyes of others.  Talk them up because it raises their self-esteem and shows your support.
  • Be patient.  Anyone who has ever sought change knows it takes a while and a few trips along the way.  Helping others experience a breakthrough from the past to a preferred future can be messy.  Yet, it is worth it every time.
  • Share your story too.  One of the best ways for someone to gain strength and courage is to share your story with them.  Transparency brings a unique bond of friendship.

Have the courage to invest in someone.  In the end, two lives will probably be changed for better.


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