Who’s Bringing God?

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I confess.  Getting to church early is not our strong point.  Getting everyone out of the door fully clothed with Bibles and offering gets the best of us sometimes.  It has gotten a little better now that we are picking up a friend of our daughters to go to church with us.  Making contacts, picking up guests, and getting yourself there are all important items in the process.  Have you ever found yourself at the end of a service that might have been a little lethargic wondering where God was?

Jesus said that where two or three are gathered in My name God would be there.

It stands to reason, then, that we should sense God in every service, right?  We have gathered in His Name to worship His goodness and to be in His presence.  Did someone forget to bring God?  Could that happen?  Has it happened to you?  This kind of stuff happens to my wife and I all the time.

“Did you bring the salad for the potluck?”

“No.  I thought you did.”

“I got the cake you were supposed to get the salad.”

“I thought I was supposed to wrap the salad and get the kids.”


You see the point?  As we all rush around trying to get everyone ready and everything gathered so we can go and worship God, do we ever forget to bring God?  Can church become so routine and regimented that we could do it without God?  Do we become so involved with the stuff of church that we forget the Spirit in church?

“Who’s bringing God?”

Sounds really weird doesn’t it?  He is omnipresent (bringing that seminary degree today to tell you that God is everywhere all the time).  If God is everywhere, then wouldn’t He already be at church?  One would think so, yes.  However, if God is where two or three are gathered, then why don’t we seem to experience His presence during church?  Abraham talked to Him while looking at the stars.  Jacob had a dream. Daniel had visions. Moses got to speak to Him.  Isaiah saw Him high and lifted up.  The Israelites saw pillars of cloud and fire.  Then they saw smoke fill the tabernacle.  Can you imagine those moments?  Whenever God dropped on a scene wild things happened.  When was the last time a wild thing happened in your church service?

Been a while?

If we go to church to worship God, why does it feel like He isn’t there?  Did someone forget to bring Him?  Be at peace.  No one forgot to bring God.  Yet, something nags at me that we are responsible for whether or not He moves in an amazing way.  Those in Nazareth did not receive the miracles all the other towns did because of their lack of belief.

Belief is tied to God “showing up”.  How then do we mark disbelief?  Can we measure it?

1.  You can’t just say “I believe” three times like Beetlejuice and expect something to happen.  It has more to do with your heart than your mouth anyway (Romans 10:10).

2.  You can’t dress up a shoebox and name it God like your pet rock!  God does not come in a box.  Usually He lives outside of the box.  We tend to live inside the box.  Here is our problem.

3.  You can communicate with God through the week so that you are ready to meet Him on Sunday.

4.  You can think and act in a way that reflects holiness and purity.

5.  You can mark a seat in your car as the” God Seat” to help you remember, but I do not guarantee anything!

A holy life is inspiring not only to those around, but to those above!  God will accompany holiness and establish His presence.

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