Blank Slate – Day 3


What is most important to you?  Do you find yourself wanting to be involved in that more than you now are?  Do you find yourself struggling to maintain integrity?  Achieving balance is hard work.  Learning to define yourself in a healthy way is also work.  Becoming a new you or the best you God created is not easy.  Establishing a blank slate in our lives provides a lot of opportunities and distractions.  With this new year or new life upon you what will you make of it.  God does the heavy lifting of forgiveness and cleansing, but you must do the work of organization and maintenance.  This is where priorities come into play.  We can have a perfect setup, but if our priorities are out of touch with our reality then we can get twisted quick.

God began with balance on Day 1 of creation.  God provided definition on Day 2.  On Day 3 God is establishing priorities to the world order.  If things fall apart it is not because God is wrong, but our priorities are wrong.  It is on us.  It is our problem.  God will help and has provided useful tools and information trough Scripture that will certainly guide us but the final decision has been left up to us.  The world order God established was centered around Himself and in a particular stack.  While this galaxy may be centered around the Sun, the universe is centered around the Son.  In addition, notice how God chose to order creation.  He did not start with animals or man he finished with them.  Notice how he ordered things.  He started with vegetation.  This would remove problems with erosion and provide more Oxygen to sustain life later.  Vegetation would establish itself and then be home and food to the next order of Creation.  Birds and fish were next.  The food chain would begin as the larger beasts would be created next.  Finally, the crown jewel of Man was created.  He would dominate and subdue all that has been created.  He was king of the world except for THE KING of ALL.  God has His priorities and we see them in Creation.  Do you?

How do we establish our priorities?

1.  What will your life revolve around?  Jesus would later say that a person cannot serve two master.  He must choose one or the other.  We cannot live full and rich lives trying to have several priorities  equally.  Something falls or fails.  So, then, what is the one thing your life will revolve around?  God established the world to revolve around Him.  Should our lives be any different?  How would your life look, or change, if suddenly you decided that God was the center of your universe.  We often think, as Eve did, that we are the center.  God is.  Think of your life like a clock.  the hands move in a particular order.  This order is established by the motor in the middle driving the arms around.  We have all excepted that 1 is before 2 and 5 is before 6.  Yet, none of that happens without the motor in the middle.  I will tell you that any motor other than God will fail you.

2.  Order your life around God.  Now that God is the center how do the other things shake out?  What is the #1 thing God would have you focus on?  What is #2?  See the pattern?  We are not to order these things according to our desires.  We are not the motor in the middle.  God is.  Pray. Read. Think.  What does God want me to focus on in the #1 position?  While you might not have 12 things, consider establishing 3.  Focus on those 3.  As you allow God to be the center and prioritize your life around Him you  will begin to flesh out what He wants.  What are the top 3 things He wants you to be about?

So, what is most important to your center?



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