Blank Slate


Every new year is like a blank chalkboard after a school holiday.  The cleaning crew has done its job and the boards are clean, clear, and ready for chalk!  One can barely, if at all, see any reminders of the former session.  You have a new year that you are staring at right now.  Maybe you have a new you that is staring at you wondering if the new will just be another version of the old or if it will be different.  There is something inside of us that longs for the different, the slower, the simpler.   While I would not trade the technology I have grown accustomed to and that you are using to read this very blog, I do yearn for those moments when the pace was slower, life was simpler, and relationships were real.

We have a chance!  We have a blank slate.  What will you write on it?  How will you manage the space?  What will eventually get erased for something else to be written?

As many of you might start a new Bible reading campaign on this day, or week, we find ourselves in Genesis.  God had a blank slate on which he masterfully created everything we know today.  In those seminal moments, He was methodical and patient.  I do not desire to argue about how long it took but rather the potential thought behind it all.

Day 1 – Balance -Darkness covered the entire surface.  God decided that the darkness was out of balance and light was needed.  The balance of light and dark carries over into all facets of life.  We must have balance.  Some call it Chi while others call it Yin-Yang.  The Bible calls it Light/Dark.  For many of us I believe life is usually out of balance.  God started with balance and so should we.

I can always tell when my car tires are out of balance because something shakes, making the ride uncomfortable.  The efficiency reduces because there is too much drag in one area.  The danger rises because if the tire wears too thin and blows while driving down the highway the car could get out of control, spin, flip, or hit other cars.  God’s Spirit was hovering over the surface and the decision was made to bring light into the situation.  The Holy Spirit hovers over our lives trying to get our attention light the low pressure gauge to alert us.  Where is life uncomfortably shaking?  How is your efficiency and productivity?  Are you being dragged down because of something out of balance.

Begin with balance.  Make the necessary choices.  Don’t resolve. Do.  There is no try.  There is either do or do not.  What will you do today?


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