Hi-Fi Jesus


High Fidelity: used by audio manufacturers as a marketing term to describe records and equipment which were intended to provide faithful sound reproduction.  I remember having one of these in the house as a kid.  I remember lying on the floor with the headphones singing “King Tut” at the top of my lungs!  This “Hi Fi” stereo system was supposed to play the LP’s as good as live.  High Fidelity sound was all the rage, much like the switch to digital is now.  Compared to the radio the music was crisp, clear, and wonderful.  You could listen to high quality music right in your own home.

Fidelity is something out of vogue these days.  In our disposable culture, we never keep things very long.  In this passage, Jesus models for us several different ways for us to be faithful.

1.  Jesus is faithful to His cousin.  There is something to be said that we should stick up for family.  Jesus didn’t have to do this.  He wasn’t required to be baptized because there was nothing for Him to repent for in His life.  He brought His family into His world as His formal ministry was inaugurated.  How often do we give our best to everyone else except our family?  Our family gets the short end.  Jesus went the other way.  do you?

2.  Jesus is faithful to His commander.  God the Father opened up Heaven and interjects at this point how pleased with Jesus He is.  At that moment Jesus is led to the wilderness.  No report of questions, whining, griping, or negotiations is revealed.  Jesus was faithful to God.  Whatever the Father wanted, Jesus was faithful to do.  I tend to question and negotiate.  God wants faithfulness even when there are no specifics.

3.  Jesus is faithful during conflict.  Running away is an oft chosen option.  We run away from home and move out.  We run away from responsibility and quit school or get an abortion.  We run away from conflict and get a divorce or sleep with someone who “cares”.  When things get rough we walk away.  Where is the faithfulness?  Where is the staying power?  Jesus was being tempted by Satan himself; no demons here.  He was getting pounded but stayed the course.  He did not run.  He did not hide.  He did not quit.  He was faithful.  Am I?  Are you?

4.  Jesus is faithful to His calling.  In the face of John’s incarceration, Jesus began doing that which God wanted Him to do.  He was not going to let a personal hiccup keep Him from doing what He was supposed to do.  It would have been easy to postpone.  It would have been easy to think next year.  Jesus was faithful to His calling.  God calls every person to make disciples of other people.  God gives you a job so that you can do that with your work associates.  He gives you interests and hobbies so that you can connect with those people to make disciples of them too.  He brings children into your life for you to get to know teachers, students, and other families to make disciples of them.  Are you faithful to your calling?

Jesus is hi-fi.  Are you?

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