If NBC wrote mottos for the Church…

I admit I like this show.  I liked season one better than the others because it had more football and less angst and drama.  Yet, my wife and I watched it all the way to its inglorious end!  I especially like the motto that Coach Taylor used throughout the series: Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose!

Taking from that strain of thought, I wondered what would a motto for church would sound like.  I have been reading through Acts lately and something in chapter 2 really hit me.  The disciples had been told to wait for the Holy Spirit who would bring power into their lives.  Jesus had returned to the Father. He had promised a replacement; a comforter.  This would be the Holy Spirit as He called Him.  He promised them power, ability, and courage if they would be patient and wait.  Huddled in a room they prayed for days.  On the day of Pentecost, which is a big deal in Jewish life, they were all gathered together in one place.  That first verse in chapter 2 can be overlooked because we want to get to the big stuff, but they were all together in one place when God made the big move.

Coach Taylor brought up the motto all the time.  He wanted them to realize that if they were going to win then they needed clear eyes and full hearts.  If you have watched the show, you know the alcohol involved. the indulgence of kids brought several difficulties in their lives.  I think clear eyes have to do with focus also.  The team as a whole needed to be focused on the job at hand and not wandering around with other agendas.  The players also needed full hearts which is a reference, I believe, to relationships.  The players that were emotionally healthy were positive, productive, people.

Is there a chant for the church today?  Is there some great motivating concept? If we want to experience a mighty move of God we have to be in position for it.  We must make ourselves available for it to happen in our lives and churches.  What is this concept?

I know it’s longer and maybe not as catchy but this is important for us.  I may not have NBC backing this motto and plastering it everywhere, but we must consider it.

One Heart speaks to our emotions.  Do I love the people in my church?  Do I know them?  Do I know their names, families, or birthday?  Do I know their pains and joys?  Churches with one heart do.  Those churches are places people want to be.  Don’t believe the hype that everyone wants to be anonymous.  People are grasping for relationships any way they can acquire.  The church is to be that place of safe, stable, supportive relationships.

One Mind speaks to our vision and focus.  What does your church believe?  Does everyone believe the same doctrines?  Do they agree on the primary items of theology?  How is your church attempting to achieve the Great Commission? Do you have a purpose or vision that resonates with the church and impacts the culture?  Church is not a building.  Church is people bonded together by the blood of Jesus to affect a better future for those around them.

One Place speaks to position.  Do the majority of your congregation attend every week?  Or is it, like many, every other week that is the same group?  If they all showed up at the same time it is both amazing and exciting rolled together!  We live such busy lives that we relegate church to an equal position with everything else.  In fact, if the church could acquire good family guilt our attendance might increase!  The point is that if the church ever wants to see God move people need to be present together.

Full Power refers to what happened next.  The disciples were all together in one place making themselves available to God for whatever purpose He chose.  In this position of availability He poured out the Holy Spirit.  If the church today wants to receive the full power of God we must make ourselves available.

One Heart. One Mind. One Place. Full Power.

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