A Matter of Trust

Both of the candidates brought it home at the end that we have a choice to make.  It would seem that there is no common ground between the parties.  Our country is hanging on by a thin thread.  We have allowed ourselves to be corrupted into a lifestyle of financial ruin.  Exercising no self-control we spend money as if they were Doritos and can always make more.  We can’t seem to spend only what we bring in.  While I appreciate the expansive nature of a national budget, there is still a simple principle we cannot run from forever.  If you spend more than you  make you go broke.  A broke nation becomes a broken nation.  A broken nation cannot support itself or its borders.  There must be cutbacks in spending.  Just because my child requests/demands that I purchase something or give money does not mean that they will receive it.  There must be principle-based rules for spending money.  Without principles we lose.

Our nation is reeling from a self-centered approach to life and politics.  We each want for ourselves without consideration of anyone else.This kind of egotism will drive this nation into oblivion.  We are spiraling out of control because no one can agree on a solution for a better future for all of us.  When did our congress decide their future was more important than all of ours?  The point of representation is that one goes to represent the values and ideals of the many.  They are to think more about us than their job.

Unemployment, taxes, the middle-class, and foreign policy are all important things to consider and they should be discussed and debated.  What we find is two divergent positions like two roads in a wood.  Choosing the one less traveled makes all the difference!  In a culture that is indulgent, relativistic, and borderline psychotic towards hedonism we must drill down to a deeper place:  faith.

When asked about faith the topic of abortion arose.  Why can’t our faith speak to any other issue?  My faith speaks to our economy through basic stewardship.  Jesus said to give to the government what is theirs to have and give to God what is His to have.  Faith speaks to money management just ask Dave Ramsey.  My faith speaks to our need for reform.  Those who do not work should not eat.  Romney has been slaughtered for his “47%” statement.  Of course, those who cannot work because of verifiable need ought to be assisted.  However, there are way too many people who could work but don’t because they would lose certain benefits.  Why are we paying people not to work?  Why do we pay farmers not to farm when 15% are in poverty?  Why are we creating a mentality of unemployment because the government will pay the bills.  The Bible is clear in many places that personal responsibility and work ethic should always be on the rise.  Certainly, it seems, that each party will lead us down divergent paths.  My faith speaks to foreign policy.  The “aliens” and “strangers” were to be allowed to take part but not to the degree that the native would be forsaken.  Allowance and rights are different. Meanwhile, Israel was to be the nation that would make the world better.  However, they were to do this through influence and not payment.  Again, I admit a certain level of ignorance on worldwide issues, but at times it seems that it could be as simple as following the procedures lined up in scripture.  Love God with all you have.  Take care of your fellow-man.  Treat others like you want to be treated.  My faith speaks to these issues, including abortion.  Life begins at conception.  Respect life and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

I think it is clear that Decision 2012 will certainly drive our nation to two very different conclusions.  Take the road less traveled by of faith because it will make all the difference!  As you consider your vote, consider this:

Deuteronomy 30:11-20

John 14:15-18

Our future rests in our faith.  Will we walk toward the desires of God or ourselves?  Choose God.

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