The Accused

History tells us that the accused in the ancient world would wear a placard stating their name, residence, and the charge against them.  The story of one is fascinating!  The judge had attempted to reduce the charges, but the jury would have nothing to do with it.  They were out for blood that day and received what they wanted.  The one on trial seemed to stand in opposition to the variety of accusations.  He was being called a traitor, a heretic, a separatist, and general degenerate for leading people away from the culture of the day.  He had been a public figure for about three years.  The public officials had been looking for a way to get rid of this leader of the rebellion for over two of those years.  They tried to reason with him.  They tried to trap him in rhetoric.  They tried to catch him.  Each time they failed for one reason or another.  Finally they were able to turn an insider.  Meeting in secret they paid for certain information.  The sting was on!  Late one evening while he was out for a walk with a few of his leadership, the follower-turned-spy brought the police and gave him away.  After a mockery of a trial, they were able to push the charges through with the death penalty.

The early morning hours brought the throng down the road following those to be executed.  The air was thick with humidity and the stench of death.  Hanging around the neck was a placard:

Jesus Christ had been accused and convicted on the charge of being the King of the Jews.

What will the accusation be the world brings against you?  Is there any evidence to bring a conviction?

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