The men met in a back room one evening after everyone had left.  They were discussing the future of the head coach.  The years since he had arrived had been difficult.  Everyone expected growth and development of the program.  Instead, they struggled to even maintain what they had.  Some were frustrated, others disappointed, and felt it was time for a change.  When the coach arrived the excitement was hard to contain.  After the first couple of years, the dreams began to fade.  Instead of pulling together, the people and support were pulling apart.  When there was no winning season, the demand for leadership change grew.  On this night decisions were being forged that would change the state of the program and the coach.  Those involved in the meeting were determined to see a change in leadership, but they didn’t know God was preparing to do something wonderful. (Facing the Giants)

This plan backfired.

In Matthew 26, Jesus was not performing in the way some expected the Messiah to perform.  The expectations had been fantastic.  The Messiah had arrived.  He would make the Romans exit the country and reestablish Israel as a world power.  He would dominate the political and military arenas.  The excitement was contagious.  However, Jesus came with a different plan.  He came to establish a spiritual dominance more than a political or militaristic one.  Judas was fed up.  He had a secret meeting with the Pharisees and became their puppet.  He would betray Jesus.  The Pharisees thought this would be a fool-proof plan.  Judas, many think, believed he was forcing the hand of Jesus causing Him to rise up.

This plan backfired.

Have you ever thought were doing the right thing only to find the plan backfired?  Here are a few thoughts to help you.

1.  Is your plan based on circumstances?  Sometimes we desire to see change but it has nothing to do with the person.  The circumstances are not what we expected.  Instead of examining the root issue, it is easier to pin the problem on the current leadership.

2.  Is your plan based on comfort? Judas received 30 pieces of silver.  The men thought they would receive honor and glory.  What is it that you believe to receive with the plan you are considering or enacting?

3.  Is your plan a complaint or a cause?  If you have a complaint or particular issue then the biblical response is to approach the problem not circumvent it.  According to Scripture, you are to go and attempt to resolve the problem.  If that doesn’t work then take 2-3 with you.  After that doesn’t work then take up a cause.  However, if it is a complaint right now, go and talk to the person first.

4.  Is your plan Christlike?  Finally, we must make sure that what we are planning and praying mimics the ideals of Jesus.  Are the attitudes reflecting Jesus?  Are we being above board or behind the scenes. Is the way we are treating those involved reflecting the values of Jesus?

May we desire the best for all involved in the pleasure, pain and progress of following Jesus.  He desires to bless us, not have life backfire on us.

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