The Left Arrow

I believe in the left.

In a politically charged climate that would certainly define you.  In a spiritually charged climate it could too.  In certain church if you were to say you believed in the left you would be removed from the rolls and treated as an unbeliever!

I still believe in the left, just not the left-wing.  How many remember what this is:

Sure you do!  This is a simple timeline. What if the “0” stood for when BC turned to AD and each number was 1,000 years, what does the left arrow mean?  It means that this line wold go to infinity.  The line goes on and on with ever stopping.  When it comes to God, He is in the left arrow. He does not have a beginning.  Everything in our lives have beginnings…and ends.  However, God does not have a beginning.  When asked by Moses whom it was that was sending him to Egypt, God said “I Am”.  In other words,the One who has always existed is sending you to the people.  There are those who argue against the eternal presence of God because we cannot define it.  We cannot wrap our minds around infinity.  For a being to have no beginning is weird!  Yet, “In the beginning God…”  This presupposes that before anything was around God was around.  When John begins his gospel record, he begins with God.  God is that from which everything came but from nothing came.  He is the causeless cause.  If all things came from Him then he must have pre-existed.  The very concept of God is that He came from no one or He would cease to be God.  If something begat God then that mysterious something is really God.  God is at the end of the left arrow.  Nothing precedes Him.  He is timeless as we understand time.  A review of creation reminds us that the sun, moon, and stars which govern our time and seasons were initiated by God.  He stands above time and is able to see all of time simultaneously.

I believe in the left.  I believe God has always been even if I cannot explain it and that brings me peace.  Peace because I can rest in His eternal presence and power.  I can release my pleasure and pain to someone who has existed eternally and has the wisdom to help me through my life.

I believe in the left.  Do you?

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