Not So Fast!

We are just a few weeks away from College Game Day! According to my record on NCAA 2012 for Xbox OSU should dominate!

Not so fast!
Who said that?

Every week Lee Corso along with others make their critiques and predictions on college football for the weekend. When someone is is too close to the edge, Corso pipes in with his now famous line, “Not so fast my friend!”

Through Isaiah, God is telling the people “not so fast”.

I declare the end from the beginning, and from long ago what is not yet done, saying: My plan will take place, and I will do all My will.
Isaiah 46:10

There have been other not so fast moments in Biblical history:
  Tower of Babel
  10 sons against Joseph

Idols are useless to save. A return to their rightful King is the missing link. Yet, God has not abandoned His people though they are facing discipline. He has not forgotten them. God has a plan. He has always had a plan and see it through. He wanted to use Israel for the culmination of reaching the world. She could not always see this purpose through the pain of purification and the tears shed in discipline for poor behavior. God still loves. God still cares.

Your circumstances may be excruciating to you. You might feel that God has left you or doesn’t care.

Tragedy. Loss. Divorce. Unemployment. Bankruptcy.

All of these items can cut deeply and therein lies the opportunity for Satan to plant seeds of dismay and doubt with regards to God.

Not so fast!!

Walk closer to God in these moments. Farther away only adds to your complications. Get in the Word, communicate, seek counsel, get in a small group, and breathe! Let the Spirit overshadow you with his comfort and assurance!

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