How Soon We Forget

5 We remember the free fish we ate in Egypt, along with the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, and garlic.

This verse is sadly humorous to me. The very people who not two years ago were crying out to God for relief because the Egyptians were too harsh are now suggesting they got free food. Amazing! The people had to work long hours for very little pay. What was once a blessing under the former dynasty, became slavery. Unfortunately, when the first sign of discomfort arrived in their new journey of freedom all was forgotten. The complaints started rolling in about how much better they had it in Egypt. They actually wanted to return to that place.

Our journey with Jesus will not always be easy because of the culture in which we live. I have witnessed dozens of people who gave their life over to God but later seemed to regret it. Some even reverted back to their life before. How sad! The King has given you freedom from all that was harmful to you in your sin. He has forgiven your rebellion. The demands on our life now are in service to the King you freed you from the chains of sin and death. He gave you life that will last for eternity. Is it really too much to serve Him? The remarks of people today are insignificant in comparison to the lavish love of the King in His Kingdom.

Go back? Why would I ever want to go back? God help me to keep in mind how good you have been to me. Help me to focus on the joys of this new life. Strengthen my resolve so that I will not entertain the option of going back to a former way of life. A slave I might be in your Kingdom, but it is totally worth it. God you are my King.

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