Going Public

Have you ever done something and then became scared of getting caught?

I am sure the statute of limitations has been exhausted, so I will tell you a story.  It was in the Fall of the year 1979.  The leaves were changing.  The day was beautiful. I asked to be excused from class to go to the bathroom.  While in there, I felt the urge to tp the place.  What started out to just be one stall wound up being the whole facility.  I must say that it was magnificent, but that is beside the point.  I went back to class and continued with the multiplication tables.  Later in the afternoon, the principal came into our class asking if anyone knew about the bathroom that was messed up.There was, in my mind, no choice in this situation.  I did not flinch, sweat, our stammer.  No one knew and they moved on to the next class.  I definately had two problems the rest of the day: need for confession and knottd up stomach.  I did not see the need to put myself in trouble. Why go public?

I grew a conscious through High School.  I sat in geometry behind a girl who had troubles with her boyfriend.  She asked for counsel and advice and I told her to respect herself and that she might need to move on from this guy. I promise, I had no interest in the girl.  She followed the advice and he was not happy. Later, he came around during lunch and began to ask who she had talked to that day.  There was, in my mind, no choice in this situation.  I stood up and told him I had talked with her.  He expressed his discontent and the rest of the story in insignificant for now.  I went public.

Jesus was walking through one day with a crowd pressing him hard.  She had been sick for so many years.  All she wanted was to get better, but had run out of money with the doctors.  She had heard of Him.  Could she believe all she had heard?  After much thought, she concluded that she would believe all she had heard, but what hope was there? The need, determination, and faith overshadowed her fear.  She left the house and found the crowd.  She crawled the masses and timed it just right.  As he passed by, she reached out and touched the robe of Jesus.  Instantly, power passed from Himself to her body.  The energy pierced through her sickness and healed her completely.  While she marvelled at how she felt, Jesus stopped and began asking questions.  At first, she did not hear being so overwhelmed by joy.  Then, she did.  Jesus wanted to know who touched Him.  He had felt power leave Him.  He repeated the question.  Scared out of her mind, the woman spoke up.  She went public.  Jesus praised her for her faith and moved on.

This story reminds me that we should not diminish the impact going public has on a person.  We call for decisions.  We, however, often know of decisions during the week.  I still encourage a person to walk the aisle and tell the church.  This is not vogue anymore.  So many these days just want to be happy with the decision.  We certainly don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable!  We don’t want to cause them any discomfort or embarrassment because that is not seeker sensitive.  The reality is that this is just one story of many where Jesus calls someone out to go public.  He later goes on to say that if we do not go public our spiritual lives will face much difficulty.

Go public.  Call for decisions.  Tell your decisions. Go public and receive the praise of Jesus!

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