Believing The Extraordinary

Faith has been defined as believing what you cannot see because of what you can see.  For those of you that depend on reason and logic this can be difficult.  However, we believe in what we cannot see all the time.

Can you show me the wind? You can show me trees moving.  You can show me roofs blowing off.  You can show me trampolines flying.  However, you can’t show me the wind.  We all believe in the wind even when we can’t see it because of the evidence.

Can you show me gravity?  We can release something and watch it fall. We logically know that gravity is a force and acceleration, but we can’t see it.  We all believe in gravity even though we can’t see it because of the evidence.

Do you believe in God?  What should we believe about God?  There three big things we need to believe about God, extraordinary things.

1.  There is only one true God.  In a polytheistic world, this claim seems extraoridnary.  We are being told at every media opportunity that
monotheism is outdated and irrational.  Who believes that anymore, really? I do. I have experienced the power and love of God. The peace I have been given is unmistakeable. One God frees us. I don’t have to worry about 5, 10, or 20 people we feel master us. We are beholden to just One. When I focus on the One, He works out the rest. My worries and anxieties fade. The stress and strain of life relaxes.

2. God is the Leader. Paul writes in chapter 2 that he was a worker approved by God. God chose Paul for a particular purpose, which was to spread the gospel to the Gentiles. He was approved by God. He was chosen by God. Paul submitted to God because He is the leader and a witness to all that happens. Do you remember playing follow the leader as a child? You acted just like the leader and went wherever He did. You didn’t go and find another leader to follow. You followed the leader until the game was over. We are to follow God until life ends. Too often we follow human leadership and create division. We fracture into several little groups over staff, style, and other silly things. Unity is achieved when we all follow one thing.

3. God is faithful. He is faithful to finish what He started. He will not ditch you for something better. He will not abuse you for His own pleasure or ego. God is faithful to you. His love for you is deep and strong. His love provides peace. In the chaos we struggle for a sense of peace. If God is faithful then I don’t have to worry about the mortgages, doctors, surgeries, jobs, bills, etc. Not that I don’t need to work, organize, and try but the stress is eased by the faithfulness of God if I believe.

These are extraordinary truths in a skeptical world. Belief brings freedom, order, and peace. Believe today!

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