No Assumptions

So often we want to go clear back to a day or moment in the past when asking for blessing today. What we see right here is God telling everyone that yesterday’s obedience does not carry over for tomorrows blessing.

In other words I cannot look to the day of my salvation 32 years ago and expect God to bless me for something today. I can trust my salvation is in tact but not base my need for help on that moment. The revival 22 years ago when I felt God wanting a renewed energy and focus from me does not count for my desire today. The six months you refrained from a particular sin a few years ago does not count for todays needs and desires.

We must walk daily un obedience. We receive daily blessings of Gods provision, power, and presence.

7 I will establish his kingdom forever if he perseveres in keeping My commands and My ordinances as [he is] today.’

Seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness is what Jesus said.

Like the chalkboard that is cleaned everyday so are our lives. We build on yesterday, and we learn for today. While you can see traces of yesterday on the board we focus on today. Stop trying to base the quality of your relationship with God based on the deeds of yesterday. What is being done right now?

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