Going Up the Food Chain

I was sitting in Kansas City taking a few days with my wife.  We had recently purchased a new car and it came with a trial of XM radio.  The trade-in also had XM and we loved having it.  The subscription was overlapping the free trial we were getting in the new car so I called to try to figure out what could be done.  While my wife was in a store, I decided I had a little while to make the call.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  The service agent I received had a difficult time understanding what I was describing.  After an hour, we had not sorted out everything.  I asked to speak her supervisor.  After spending some time with her it seemed to all get fixed.  I got off the phone after almost 2 hours.

Then I got the next statement. I was now being billed for two accounts.  I climbed all the way to a VP before I was done.  I had free months and refunds.  Sometimes you just have to climb up the food chain.  The agents on the first level are well-meaning and fairly effective, but some questions and issues simply need higher authority and greater power to make necessary decisions.

1 I lift my eyes toward the mountains.
Where will my help come from?

2 My help comes from the Lord,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 121

David recognized that the help he needs, true help, only comes from the Lord.  There are many things we turn to in times of need:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Friends
  • Family

God can certainly use all of these to help you, but we cannot turn to these without God.  We must realize our need to go up the food chain.  How often do we use the customer service agents listed above?

John gets into a jam financially and looks to the graphs, charts, and budgets.  He reviews where he’s been and going.  Maybe he goes to the bank and gets a second or third mortgage.  Maybe he goes down to the local “finance” company and get a quick loan to make it through the week, or month.  Maybe he goes to the family and borrows money.  Why not call out to God?  Why not obey His Word?  Cut back, tithe, and watch God work. Why not go up the food chain?

Paula’s marriage is falling apart so she looks back at how her parents handled the divorce and proceeds accordingly.  She has a girls night out with her friends.  They empathize because they, too, are divorced or separated.  The advice they give is toxic to rebuilding a relationship.  She gets angry.  She seeks revenge.  She needs to go up the food chain.  God brings peace, love, and help.

We could share story after story just like these couldn’t we?  Maybe your life is a mess right now.  It’s possible that you have been stalling out at the customer service.  Your education isn’t bringing peace.  Your experience isn’t bringing a solution.  Your family and friends are getting tired of helping.  Where can you turn?  Where does your help come from?

It’s time to go up the food chain.

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