In a BOLD culture is Jesus too pastel?

I helped a guy accept Jesus a while back and to the best of my knowledge he accepted Jesus. To the best of ability I tried to disciple him and help him to grow and develop. We met weekly. He attended church on Sunday mornings. He began to balk at a few things and then other, more important, things. He quit coming to church and became sporadic in our meetings. I asked him what was wrong and he replied that he had looked and longed for something vibrant and bold. Jesus and Christianity all seemed too pastel for him. We never really spoke again. He moved away without a forwarding address.

Is Jesus too pastel?

There were many who believed Jesus to be the Messiah. 12 followed Him wherever He went. He taught them and sent them out on mini-mission trips. Everything was fabulous, until Passover 36AD. On that Thursday the 12 and Jesus gathered together to have the passover meal together.  Jesus didn’t seem Himself.  He seemed to be sullen and somber. It looked like the weight of the world was on His shoulders. The group ate passover together. He spoke of betrayal and beatings.  He spoke of death. Peter tried to talk Him out it and to get Him to snap out of this funk He appeared to have.  He stopped them all and said it was time to go.  He left with 11, for 1 had already left to do his business.  Amid much dismay and discussion, they went to the Mount of Olives.  Jesus wanted to pray.

  • When the guards came, they expected a coup.
  •  When taken before Pilate and Herod, they expected an eloquent speech that would have stemmed the tide and turned the crowd.
  •  When He was being whipped, they expected the chains to break and for Him to turn the whip on the soldiers.
  •  When He was being taken to the mountain, they waited for Jesus to do something.
  •  When He was hanging on the cross, they expected the skies to break and angels to drop down and fix the situation.
  •  When He died, so did their hope.

 Maybe Jesus was just too pastel. Maybe He was just a big old sissy. Maybe He wasn’t the Messiah after all.  With all of their hopes crucified and buried they walked away for a second time.

 How easy is it for us to walk that path? We want to believe. We might have even placed our faith in Jesus, but nothing is going like you feel it should.

  • Cancer still happens.
  • Babies still die.
  • Bones still break, hips and knees are replaced.
  • We still get sick.
  • We struggle with finances. We struggle with time.
  • Our marriages crumble and our kids are doing things we thought we taught them differently.
  • Divorce. Death. Depression. Guilt.

 Maybe Jesus is too pastel. Maybe Jesus just can’t get it done. Maybe this whole faith thing is just another scam like Phil and Oprah.

 Peter had betrayed Jesus. He had denied Jesus. He had walked away but when he heard the story of the women from the tomb, he could not believe it! If Jesus was alive, this changed everything. If Jesus was back, this changed everything. He ran out of the room, down the steps. He rushed through town wishing his legs moved faster and the people would get out of the way. He got to the tomb and found it to be just like the women said…EMPTY.

 22 Moreover, some women from our group astounded us. They arrived early at the tomb, 23 and when they didn’t find His body, they came and reported that they had seen a vision of angels who said He was alive. 24 Some of those who were with us went to the tomb and found it just as the women had said, but they didn’t see Him.” (Emphasis is mine)

Luke 24

How depressing! Have you ever gotten so worked up over something only to discover it to be less?  My wife and I had heard wonderful things about a certain restaurant. I mean, it had been worked up to be just shy of Heaven. We go. It is not so good. Depressing. If what you expect and what really happens are far apart, anger and depression settle in.

 Peter did not see Him. Where was Jesus?

Peter must have thought, “Wait. I betrayed Him. I denied Him. He doesn’t want to see me. Even if He was alive, it would never be the same.” Isn’t this just how WE think? We burn our trust with pornography, sexting, or an affair and it is over. We explode at a business because something was wrong, we can’t go back. We spill the stress out onto our children with mean words and hate speech….can’t get that back. We waste our years overworked, under paid, stressed, and sleep deprived only to sit at our child’s graduation, or wedding, and wonder where the years went. We can’t get those back.

The group meets again because there seems to be news. The group gathers to here Cleopas and Simon’s report of having walked with Jesus! Right in the middle of the story, in the upper secluded room, Jesus walks in!

He’s Alive!

 That’s BOLD! That’s VIBRANT!

 He steps in and speaks to them. He eats with them. He proves his bodily resurrection.

 That’s BOLD! That’s VIBRANT!

 He explains the scriptures. He challenges them to take the message they have heard and seen and spread it to all the nations. He promised the Holy Spirit. He left the message in their hands.

 That’s BOLD! That’s VIBRANT!

 Then he ascended!

That’s BOLD! That’s VIBRANT!

 He died. He lives. All of those who ran, who denied, who betrayed, He forgave. This means you. Jesus offers forgiveness to all those who will take it. Your life will change. Depending on how much you embrace this reality in your life will be a measure of whether Jesus is pastel or bold in your life.


  • Begin a relationship with Jesus that is honest and intimate.
  • Obstacles to trust are the tools of the Devil. Put them in the shed.
  • Live your life according to the scriptures. Make every decision based on scripture.
  • Decide now that your priority system is God, Mate, Family, Work, Ministry

One overflows to the next. If your life is not working out like you expected, if you are starting to thinking this Jesus thing is just too pastel, then double-check your flowchart. One overflows to another. God fills your life, so your marriage works, so your family is healthy, so your work has less stress, and you have time to minister.

  1. If your marriage isn’t working check your time with God.
  2. If your family isn’t working, check your marriage, check your time with God.
  3. If your job is stressing you out and you hate life, check your family, check your mate, check God.
  4. If you just have no time to minister, you get the picture.

The reason your life seems to be colored with pastels is because that’s the crayon you chose.


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