The “F” Word

Sometimes it just can’t be helped.  Usually it doesn’t just slip out.  However, in the heat of the moment it is the only real option.  The “F” word sometimes NEEDS to be used.  Of course, I don’t think it should be just thrown around.  It should be used tastefully and with purpose.  I am trying to teach my children how to use the word in the right moments.  You can’t just drop that bomb in any conversation.  It takes a certain diplomacy to use it just right.  I hear it all the time, but I am not sure we all are working on the same definition.  In fact, I think many people misunderstand the purpose and meaning of the “F” word.

7 I lavish unfailing love to a thousand generations.t
I forgive iniquity, rebellion, and sin.
But I do not excuse the guilty.
I lay the sins of the parents upon their children and grandchildren;
the entire family is affected—
even children in the third and fourth generations.”

Exodus 34:7

Forgiveness is critical to a society that functions properly.  However, so many people refuse to forgive because of a misunderstanding of its meaning and purpose.  Here is what forgiveness is not:
1. It is not a release from responsibility.  Just because you forgive does not mean that person is no longer liable for the actions or words which damaged you or the relationship.
2. It is not an immediate end to the pain.  Forgiveness does not rid ourselves of the pain we might feel.  Forgiveness cannot bring back the child lost in the accident.  Forgiveness cannot remove the haunting memories of the battles, bruises, and scars.
3.  It is not giving in.  The perceived power I feel that I have over someone is just that…perceived.  I am not giving in to the person, or group.  What is happening is that I am actually taking back a personal power.

Forgiveness is…
1. Being interested in moving forward more than staying in the past.
2. Giving back to God the right to dispense justice.
3. A process, not a one-time event.

We must learn how to forgive.  It is an art, not always a science.  I choose to forgive. I choose to give back to God the right to dispense justice as He sees fit.  I choose to let go of the event and move forward.

I forgive you is powerful.  Be powerful today.

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