Anger Management

Anger Controlls Him
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We all deal with anger and frustration right? Have you heard people, Christian people, try to convince others that anger is from the Devil? It isn’t. Actually anger is just another emotion we have been wired with by God. Just like the other emotions it matters what you do with it more than just feeling it.

“You can be mad just don’t be bad.” I heard my wife share this one morning during Children’s Sermon and it has stuck with me ever since. According to Paul, we can be mad. We are not to sin in our anger.

So what happens when you do? You get to clean up your mess. For a long period in my life I had a short fuse when it came to anger and actions. They were closely, too closely, related. As I have matured this spacing has lengthened. However, when a mixture of lack of sleep and increased stress come into play I admit the space shrinks. There was a time when I was in a pickle and picked up a Christmas ornament and threw it across the room.

Did it solve anything? No.

Did it give me more sleep? No.

Did it lessen the stress? No.

Did it make a mess? Yes. Somewhere we have been taught that expressing our anger in these volatile ways is somehow cheap therapy. All it seems to do is create a mess and now clean-up must take place.

1 Then the Lord told Moses, “Chisel out two stone tablets like the first ones. I will write on them the same words that were on the tablets you smashed.

Exodus 34:1

Moses was righteously angry at the scene he finds in the valley. In his anger he threw down the stone tablets and yelled at the people. What I find interesting is that as he climbs back up the mountain to meet with God he is instructed to cut out two tablets. The first two, the ones he smashed, were fashioned by God and given to Moses. The next two had to be fashioned by Moses. God wrote on them both, but the mess had to be fixed and God was not going to clean up the mess made by Moses.

The truth I find here is that we will all get angry just don’t devalue the things God has given during your spell. Let cooler heads prevail and act in a different way so that God is honored and a mess doesn’t need cleaning

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