Black and White

It seems these days that there are very few things that are considered in black and white terms. We seem to be living in a state of flux and state of gray. Everything is situational and relative. A quick read through Exodus 31 and 32 reveals a picture in black and white.


Moses is up on the mountain talking with God. Imagine actually being in that type of proximity to God! He is being given all the laws and requirements. Not much room was given. As God is wrapping it up the concept of the Sabbath is discussed. God speaks of setting aside one day as special and of the covenant with Him that it represents. The depth of feeling and desired relationship is evident in reading this passage. It is a covenant. It is holy. The meaning and message should be passed down from generation to generation. Going to church was an event and an experience, but it wholly about GOD.


Exodus 32 begins with a different scene. The people are impatient, assume Moses has died, and demand to worship something. Items are gathered, melted, and fashioned into a calf. They begin celebrating and worshiping this idol as if it had brought them up out of Egypt.

Amazing how things can be so different than intended. God intends that church be a time that focuses on Him and the covenant relationship we have together. God intends that church be attended, desired, and taught to the next generation. It is really black and white. God initiated the covenant. God initiated the relationship. God wrote the rulebook. The least we can do is go, seek God, and show Him some love.

See you Sunday.

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